So here I am :)

So here I am and so are you :).
I am going to write this blog also in English. But not in that way like I would translate everything. From Finnish to English or from English to Finnish. I guess it's okay if write sometimes in Finnish and sometimes in English. I will deal with the same kind of issues anyway :). And you can always ask if you want something to be translated :).

So why I am here. It's because of these: 

I have made some jewelleries :).

I am an artisan/ a stonesmith. I graduated 15 years ago... I haven't done jewelleries for those 15 years...
But something just happened...

I don't know if it was those lines which I heard or read like "Do want you want to do" or "Life is too short - make your dreams come true".
Or was it those bracelet on rockstars's wrists ;D.
Or was it that wonderful and inspiring book - Linda Jones: The Complete Guide to Wire & Beaded Jewellery.

I am just in the very beginning in this hobby :). I am doing this on my kitchen table. Hope someday I will have a proper workroom.

I am making those mainly now on glass beads. But I have a quite big stone storage :), got them from all over the world and during "stone school" time. I will use stone more when I am able to got some smaller pieces out of those stones.

Comments and questions are very welcome now and in future :)

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