Koruja lapsille -o- Jewelry for kids

Kävin viikonloppuna vierailemassa serkun perheen luona.
Tein sinne tuliaisiksi parit korut.
Kuvat eivät ole kovin hyvät tällä kertaa.

I visited my cousin's family on last weekend.
I made a couple of pieces of jewelry for the souvenirs.
The pics are not so good at this time.

kaulakoru lasihelmistä, hopeoidusta langasta ja ketjusta -o- necklace, made of glassbeads, silver plated wire and chain

lasihelmi kieputettu hopeoidulla langalla, ketju hopeoitua -o- glassbead wrapped by silver plated wire with silver plated chain

nuottiavain -kaulakoru hopeoidusta metallilangasta ja nahkanauha -o- clef -necklace wrapped by silver plated wire with leather string

4 kommenttia:

  1. Kauniita koruja ja kieputteluja:-)

  2. Hi my friend !! I came by to give you a big hug for your comment...Thank youuu !!!!
    Wow...i Love your new creations !!! It is so wonderful that we can make handmade gifts for our loved ones and i Love yours !!! Especially the second one with the purple glass bead..very beautiful !!! I also love the note charm !! Maybe i will make one too !!! I'm very. glad that i made you laugh with my crazy fairy tale...haha !!
    Kisses to you lovely blog friend and have a great new month and a wonderful weekend !!

    1. I hug you back :) - and I thank you for your comment, mirsini :D!!
      I am so lucky to have you as my blog friend!